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Whores. Veshyas. Sexual slavery. Exploitation. Tramps. Criminal acts…There is an endless list of words and phrases used by society to speak about women in prostitution. A few of these words speak about their human rights. Some speak about issues of legality. Most of the words are derogatory. And all too often we get so caught up in all this moralizing and/or sympathizing that we lose sight of what adult prostitution, stripped of all its baggage, really is: The exchange of sexual services for payment.

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  • The term ‘sex work’ was coined by people in prostitution. It’s a good alternative because it treats prostitution as another type of labour, and opens up space for discussions about worker’s rights.
  • Instead of saying ‘prostitutes,’ try ‘women in prostitution.’ Like anyone else engaged in an occupation (as opposed to a career), prostitution is a time-bound job, and shouldn’t create a category or label that lasts a lifetime.
  • Trafficking is the coercion of an individual against his or her will into an industry or an exploitative situation. It is not the same thing as consensual adult sex in exchange for money, and the two should not be confused.
  • So is prostitution legal or illegal in India? Well, The Immoral Prevention Trafficking Act (ITPA), does not criminalize prostitution per se. However, it sees all sex work through the lens of trafficking, and treats some aspects of it as illegal (for instance, soliciting in public and living off the earnings of prostitution).

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