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Hijra, gay, lesbian, kothi, panthi, bi, bi-curious, trans, undecided…The list just goes on and on. The term queer was developed by those who sought to challenge normative ideas in relation to their own gender and sexual orientation. People may often identify as gender  queer when they feel that the category of either ‘man’ or ‘woman’ does not fit who they are.

‘That’s what ze said’
  • He, she, and, umm, it? Nope! ‘Ze’ is the correct way to refer to someone who doesn’t fit into a gender binary.

Get involved – Networks, groups, resources!

Know More!

  • Queer Pride Parade – Delhi 2010
  • Labia: The Personal Isn’t Always Political In Mumbai
  • A Little Hope… A Little Happiness

  • watch
  • Kaun Mille Dekho Kisko – Queering Kal Ho Naa Ho
  • Make room Tyra Banks – Ru Paul’s Drag Race

  • listen
  • Sherry Vine Parodies Lady Gaga – ‘You’re A Homo’
  • Pride Through The Ages

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