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Coupling Up

After weeks or months of love letters, murmurings, and fumbling, there it is – your relationship. We. It’s the word you’ve been waiting for. ‘We will be coming to the movie tonight’...’We are going on holiday.’ Okay, so you’ve got the ‘we’ bit down and you’re loving it (even though it’s making most of your friends gag and wish they had a little more time with you again). But now what? By the time the first ‘I love yous'  have run their course, you’re left wondering where it’s all going.

What’s the next stage? When should the family-introductions happen? Surely we need to go to the same university, right?  Questions surrounding the nature of commitment pop up everywhere around a couple in love, but it’s really important to remember that relationships move at different paces – so just let yours run its course. Relax. Enjoy the time you spend together. And speak to your partner if there’s anything you’re unsure about – if nothing else, it’s good to make sure you’re on the same track.

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  • A woman and a woman in love; a man and a man; a trans person and a woman…It’s important to remember that being a couple does not mean being of a certain sexual orientation or gender.  

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