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Living Together

‘I think we should take our relationship to the next stage. I want you to have...the keys to my apartment.’ So there’s a phrase we’ve heard a million times through American TV and cinema, but the idea of couples living together is becoming an increasingly common practice across the world. It’s not a cop-out instead of marriage or an advertisement for pre-marital sex. There are tons of reasons why couples go in for this option, from wanting to cut down on rent to just wanting to wake up next to someone you love.

And if your sexual orientation isn’t straight, marriage is still legally out of the question – and living together could be the next best thing. So whether it’s your testing ground for marriage or the fact that you’re actually opposed (or unable) to shaadi it up, the terms of living together are entirely up to you, and no one should get to tell you otherwise.

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  • Couples engaging in live-in relationships are protected under domestic violence laws, and the victim is entitled to the same rights as someone in a marriage partnership.

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