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Students across Bombay are exploring some of the issues that Pyaar Plus highlights, through the use of creative and fun campaigns.

The Street Smart Campaign

  A cat-call on the street? Groped on the bus? Stared at coming out of your own building? Research shows that an overwhelming majority of women face some form of sexual harassment on a daily basis. Most of them neither confront nor report their aggressor.

What happened the last time you were faced with a similar situation? Did you speak up?

Street Smart is a creative poster campaign designed by a group of St.Xavierites that encourages young women to speak out (or scream or hit) when harassed. It works as a competition, where we’re looking for the best one liner you can come up with in response to an instance of sexual harassment.

And yes, there are prizes!

So check out some successfully completed Street Smart campaigns below, and have a look at the one-liners that blew everyone away (and smacked the woman’s aggressor straight off his feet!)

And if you think people at your college could do with getting street smart, let us know and we can get planning! (We’re also able to run talks, film showings and discussions about wider issues relating to sexual harassment alongside the poster campaign.)

The campaign successfully completed at
  • St. Andrew's College
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