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Auntyji   In her youth, Auntyji has been there, done that, on five continents. Now happily middle-aged, she attempts to retain her youthful spirit of fun and adventure although she cannot help the fact that she has learnt a few things over the years. Finding it tough to navigate this wild world? Relationships, etiquette, sexuality, career, family...there's a lot to work out.

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22 September, 2011
Dear Auntyji,

I'm with someone now, and I do really love him, and we're great together, but three months in I am already feeling a little...trapped. It's not his fault - it's just how I've felt in all my relationships. (Fair enough some of those guys were dismal, but that's just not the case now). It's not that I haven't had enough time on my own - my last boyfriend was 2 years ago. Do you think some people just aren't meant to be in relationships?

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