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little girl How To Talk To Little Girls
23 September, 2011
Pretty in pink? Just adorable to look at? Or interested in books, learning, and valued for her mind? Lisa Bloom writes about how right from a young age girls are valued for their looks rather than their minds, ideas, and perspectives. And in a world where girls are dieting at age 5 and getting boob jobs at 17, here's a fresh perspective on how to talk to little girls, minus 'clothes, bodies, hair and who is pretty' or not. Read on... READ

rainbow-flag Global Queer Desi
12 September, 2011
Check out this fantastic new blog - the first of its kind, it's a global South Asian queer webspace! Full of contributions from activists and thinkers alike, Global Queer Desi provides a platform for queer South Asians and their allies worldwide. Browse through their excellent bibilography, filmography, advocacy campaigns, and links to LGBTQ organisations across the world. READ

body logues Bodylogues
06 April, 2011
'Be bold and love your body. It was never broken. Stop fixing it.' Bodylogues is a space to celebrate your body exactly as it is now (and not how it will be after the next diet/year/fitness regime). So pick a body part and reclaim it by writing on its behalf. Because whether its an ear or a tummy or a toe, its a part of you and deserves to be celebrated. READ

stop_rape Rape is not a compliment
31 March, 2011
Was she wearing a short skirt? Is she pretty? Does she have sex with lots of men? WHO CARES! Rape and sexual assault have absolutely nothing to do with the physical appearance and desirability of the victim. It happens to women across the world irrespective of weight, class, attire, or any other attribute they may (or may not) possess. And the women never, ever ask for it. Read this article to know more READ

sarahjones Your Revolution
18 March, 2011
Sarah Jones performs an incredible piece of spoken word poetry - it's about hip hop, struggle, and sex, but most of all about her body and the bodies of all women. Check it out, it's absolutely stunning. READ

Paro - take back the day Take Back The Day
15 March, 2011
Feminist column writer Paro Vohra argues in her Midday column that between the gushy SMSs of 'The beauty and strength of my woman' to the free presents and discounts offered by various commercial enterprises, the true history and meaning of Women's Day has been lost. READ

padded-bra 'Padded Bras Are Devil's Cushions'?!
14 March, 2011
Sure, small may be beautiful, but just in case you happen to not agree (either due to default biology or personal aesthetic), the Council of Islamic Ideology is not working in your favour. They've declared that only devil women want their breasts to look big and perky, and that what is really needed is a bra that will make the woman's chest area unnoticeable. READ

stop violence against women Quiz - Are you in an abusive relationship?
10 March, 2011
Does your partner get angry if you speak to other people? Does your partner get mad at you if you don't call him or her back right away? Is your partner jealous of your friends? Take Times of India's quiz to see if you are in an abusive relationship. And remember, there are people who love you for who you are, so lose the abuse. READ

Love the way you lie Eminem and Rihanna - Do they glamourize violence?
10 March, 2011
Love The Way You Lie quickly soared to the top of international music charts, but what does it say about domestic violence? Is it sexy? Does she really 'like the way it hurts'? Read this perceptive take on a song that the world has grown to love, without really considering what it might be saying. READ

fight back poster Indian Men Lead in Sexual Violence
08 March, 2011
Forget the top rankings Indian men receive for international examinations in every field - because they rank last in the gender-equitable scale. One in four Indian men has committed an act of sexual violence. So even if we're on our way to becoming the world's fastest growing economy, we are at the absolute bottom of the pile when it comes to gender equality. READ

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